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CreaSolv® Demonstration Plant for Research and Industry Partners

In 2019, LÖMI opened a 2nd site in Germany for the construction of a multi-purpose CreaSolv® Demonstration Plant for the European MultiCycle Project, that will run until April 2022.

The plant is designed for alternating demonstration operation for different waste and plastic fractions.

This plant incorporates the experience gained from all previous plants via the CreaSolv® Partner companies.

  • CreaSolv® Pilot plant for plastic sachets for Unilever Indonesia - Polyethylene (PE).
  • CreaSolv® Pilot Plant for packaging and automotive composites for the MultiCycle Project - Polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP), polyamide (PA) and polyester (PET).
  • CreaSolv® Pilot plant for plastic packaging waste for the Circular Packaging Project -> Polyethylene (PE)/polyamide (PA) and polypropylene (PP) / polyethylene terephthalate (PET).

2020.07.01 LÖMI Industrieanlage

Quantities of 500 to 1.000 kg of recycled polymers can be produced at this plant under representative process conditions. The plant is not only used for the preparation and conceptual testing of new commercial plant projects, but can also help to demonstrate the recyclability of plastic packaging.1)

  • Nominal capacity:                              25 kg/h
  • Hall:                                                             800 m2, 7m height
  • Plant floor space:                               350 m2
  • Piping:                                                       > 1000 m
  • Technical Readiness Level:          TRL 7
  • ATEX Directive 2014/34/EU fulfilled.


Fraunhofer IVV acts as process provider, Lömi as plant manufacturer and CreaCycle as formulator and supplier of specific CreaSolv® formulations.

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  1. Kunststoffe 1/2022 "Recycling von Verbundfolien" - Link