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Material Recycling in a Circular Economy for Plastics – A critical Assessment

The authors describe the status quo of plastics recycling and evaluate the available processes in terms of their weaknesses, strengths and environmental compatibility. They place particular emphasis on defining and positioning solvent-based purification as a physical process that closes the gap between mechanical and chemical recycling. They specifically address the technically and practically proven CreaSolv® Process, which offers a new solution as an alternative to incineration for the treatment of contaminated plastic waste from applications in construction, packaging, electrical and electronic equipment, etc. They identify weak points with regard to imprecise, insufficiently differentiated definitions in existing waste directives and, based on this, formulate recommendations for the creation of specific directives that could finally also pave the way for a viable Circular Economy for plastics.


  • Dr. Gerald Altnau - CreaCycle GmbH
  • Dipl.-Ing. Joerg Hamann - EPC Engineering & Technologies GmbH
  • Dipl.-Ing. José M. Dias Fonseca - LOEMI GmbH

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