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Why is the CreaSolv® Process consistently incorrectly described instead of accepting that it is a Physical Recycling process that does not destroy polymer chains?

It is a Solvent-based Purification that meets the criteria of mechanical recycling (ISO 15270/2008 Plastics) but not the ones of chemical recycling.

The study of the Netherlands Institute for Sustainable Packaging (KIDV) is very comprehensive and useful. It compares the CreaSolv® Process with 3 chemical recycling processes (depolymerization, pyrolysis and gasification) in relation to CO2 footprint & process cost and proves that Physical Recycling is an attractive alternative to chemical recycling when closing the loop for a Circular Economy. It also shows that we need better definitions for all plastic recycling processes and a plastic waste recycling hierarchy, if we have to decide how to recycle or to design plastic articles, which are recyclable and not single-use.

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